A Bit About Me

My Background


Hi, I'm Toby. Welcome to Positivity. I've known since I was a young man that my vocation was to help people. This led to a 17 year career as a paramedic, working for both the NHS and privately for the likes of Chelsea FC and Harlequins RFC. During this time I was confronted with an array of mental health issues across all walks of life, sometimes affecting the most unlikely of people. I became frustrated that I couldn’t do more to help in the constrained time periods available to me to try and help ease some of the pain, both physical and mental.

Why Hypnotherapy


Its was through these experiences that I discovered my second career path; hypnotherapy. Clinical hypnotherapy offers an alternative (and often superior) treatment path that can truly transform a person's life. I am a prime example. I was a dedicated heavy smoker on over 40 roll-ups a day and I loved it. I honestly enjoyed every single one of those cigarettes but I knew deep down I needed to quit. Added to that was an increasing battle with anxiety. With the help of an amazing hypnotherapist ( who is now a friend and mentor) I have not had a cigarette since and never even think about it. I had a few tough days at the beginning but since then I can’t believe how easy it’s been. 

I Can Help


I trained with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and am ready and able to help you. After all those years touching peoples’ lives so briefly as a paramedic, Positivity is giving me the opportunity to spend proper time with you and really explore the right treatment path.

I truly believe in hypnotherapy and know it can help make your life positive and fulfilling by helping you overcome any challenge you may be facing. 

Do you know someone who could use my help?  IS IT YOU? I look forward to meeting / chatting with you so that we can explore the right treatment path so that all of your future days are extraordinary. 

How I Can Help


Millions of lives are touched each day by challenges.....sometimes they can feel insurmountable.

As well as one-to-one therapy, I also offer group sessions including relaxation, de-stress and team focus.

If you aren't ready/can't see me in person try my PERSONALISED RECORDING service. Following a telephone consultation I will send you a targeted session you can listen to at your leisure.

Using hypnotherapy, together we can tackle anything.




This comes in many forms; work related, money-worries, home life, anxiety. Un-managed, your stress can manifest itself in many ways such as sleep deprivation, anger, poor concentration, lack of confidence, all affecting relationships and performance in both your professional and personal life.


Struggling to sleep can be caused by a range of problems; anxiety, depression, being over-weight to name a few. Whether your struggle is your racing mind or waking in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep, these challenges can be easily overcome.


Ranging from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and even cancer related pain, these conditions people are living with 24/7 can be managed to lessen the daily impact.


Following an initial in-depth consultation to determine your needs, I will design a bespoke treatment plan over a course of sessions that best suits you.














Hypnotherapy is a natural form of therapy using hypnosis, a naturally occurring state of relaxation.

This is a state you are used to and is the same state you experience just before and after sleeping.

Also when you are day-dreaming or even when you are driving and reach your destination but can't quite remember how you got there.

Whatever challenges you are experiencing now, were created by you and your mind. Your mind is therefore capable of solving them.

You just need someone to show you the way.





'I had a spider phobia from a young child. I would run out of the room screaming if I saw one. After a few sessions with Toby my fear has gone - I can even pick them up and take them outside if I see one. It's like magic!'

Giving Up Smoking

'My wife and I have smoked for over 40 years - our grandchildren hate it. I've tried to stop before but never succeeded. With Toby's help we have finally quit and feel so much better for it. And proud of ourselves'

Weight Loss

"Toby was recommended to me but I live hundreds of miles from him. I've had one of his recordings for a month now and have lost 10lbs so far - I am loving it!'


'I've had a recording for a few days and already I am sleeping better'


'Although others perceive me as the founder of a successful business, I have always struggled with public speaking - after a few sessions with Toby I now have the tools to manage my nerves and at my recent event received a standing ovation!'

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07870 207 482 toby@positivityforyou.co.uk Where to see me: Fyfield, Essex OR The Underwood Clinic of Chiropractic & Natural Health 238a High Street Epping CM16 4DA OR In the comfort of your own home (home visits)